Welcome Back MadCow 5×5, new and improved!

As we move closer and closer to our KPI testing, now is the best time to roll out this month’s realization block! As a 3-month macrocycle starts, let us walk down memory lane.  At the start of June, we started with 6-12-25.  Our main goal of this block was to build up our work capacity, by utilizing higher volume work through agonist, or same muscle group supersets.  In July, we transitioned over to our 6-12 block.  Here, we were increasing our intensity each session through % increases, putting more weight on the bar each week, which was indicative of how you performed the week prior.  These past 2 months were used to “build” upon our strength, and as we move into our realization block this month, we are looking to “peak” our strength.  In order to peak our strength, we work to accomplish two important things: 1. Increasing the frequency in which you do a specific exercise, and 2. Working in maximal intensity loads (90%+ or higher) on select days, aiming to prime our Central Nervous System with heavier loads, as well as get stronger in those larger percentages overall.  

In Madcow, we will have 3 separate days prioritizing 3 separate goals for each session: 

Strength A – This is your volume day, we will be incorporating ‘ramp up sets’ for your warm-ups for 4 sets of 5 reps, followed by a single top set, or your heaviest set, for a set of 5 reps on each primary movement. 

Strength B – This is your recovery day, where your percentages will sit a bit lower, which makes this the perfect time to hone in on your form, getting you ready for the Friday 

Strength C – This is your intensity day, where your percentages will be sitting the highest they have throughout the week.  We will still be incorporating those same ‘ramp up sets’ for your warm-ups, but in order to prime the CNS, as well as produce Post Tetanic Potentiation (PTP), we are utilizing ‘wave ladders.’

What are wave ladders? 

Wave Ladders are quite simple.  For each Friday session, you will have 3 waves within an exercise.  Each wave maintains the same percentage/weight on the bar, moving up from 1 rep → 2 reps → 3 reps.  Once/If you complete a wave, you will add 2.5-5% to your bar, and repeat the same process. If you can not complete all 3 waves for an exercise in a session, that is NORMAL and EXPECTED.  What you will do next week can go two ways: 1. You can restart at the weight you started at previously, aiming to beat your numbers from last week, or 2. You can start at the same weight that you left off at.  For those that have a bit of a struggle with recovery throughout the week, whether that be from stress, life, etc.  I would recommend the latter option, but feel free to try out both.

Why is this block so short? 

With a true peaking block, we want to impose as much stress as we can onto the body, allowing for adaptations to be made.  With that being said, we will have a taper week one week prior to your KPI testing.  This taper week will serve as a deload, giving your body the much needed rest it will need heading into your KPI testing.  The fresher we are, the better we will perform. 

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