Welcome to Kinetics!

The newest class was implemented into our class format.  Think of Kinetics as everything that you have enjoyed, meshed into one experience of a class.  This combination will include a bit of: Arm Farm, FRC/Mobility, Conditioning, Kettlebell & Animal Flow.  Here is what the class structure looks like: 

Kinetics A – Here you will start your session off with a bit of FRC, prioritizing our ankles + wrists, aimed to improve our Kinetics B class, as well as our strength days for Bench + Squat this month.  Following that, a mini arm farm will be conducted aiming to improve our bicep strength/hypertrophy, working to improve our pulling movements for strength days as well.  Lastly, here we will do our Conditioning Blitz segment!  Yes, you will sweat, and you will burn some calories.  But first and foremost, our goal here is to maintain quality of movement through your first rep, to your last rep.  We will be incorporating reciprocal movement patterns, improving core stability, coordination, and enhanced stability through multiple joint/muscle segments.  

Kinetics B – Here you will start your session off with a bit of FRC, prioritizing our hips + shoulders, aimed to improve overall quality of life, as well as our strength day movements.  Following that, we will hop into our Animal Flow segment.  For this, think of mobility in space.  We are aiming to fortify our joints, as well as create strength through planes of motion that we typically do not go through, on a daily basis.  Another added bonus is the ability to create/stretch new domains of fascia through this extended period of movement.  Lastly, and you guessed it: Conditioning Blitz! For this session, we will still be prioritizing a bit of core work, but this time: those that will blast our anterior core, improve our stability/strength through anti-rotation, as well as including power development exercises to tackle different domains of strength. 

Kinetics C – Here is our Saturday session.  As we know most of you may be busy with the kids or plans during the weekend, we made this one short.  I would recommend if you did do 2 days of kinetics this week, to give yourself a breather and skip this one.  If you have not, I would highly recommend checking it out:  Here we are improving our proficiency in movement using Kettlebells.  These Kettlebell ‘Flows’ will tackle multiple muscle groups chained together through a series of patterns designed to move in fluidity.  As we end off each Kinetics class, we aim to stimulate your Parasympathetic Nervous System, by cooling down with some static stretching. 

Check out our current training schedule over on our KING Instagram pages, and be sure to schedule your next Kinetics class in your KING Strength app!

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