Last month you were introduced to our newest class, KINETICS. Now, we take it up a notch.

For last month’s new KINETICS class type, you got re-introduced to everything you know and love into one singular session. Tuesdays incorporated a blend of FRC, Arm Farm, with some Conditioning through Anti-Rotation & Postural Stability. Thursdays provided a mesh of FRC, Animal Flow, and a Core Conditioning Blitz to top it off. For this month, let us introduce LANDMINE COMPLEXES.

What is the Landmine?

Different from the explosive mine that you may have seen growing up in video games or war movies, the landmine is one of those attachments that just make sense for all fitness levels. The landmine attachment allows for 360 degrees of movement, which makes it simple and efficient in any training modality. Due to its varying resistance profile, the landmine can prove to be a progression or regression of typical barbell or dumbbell based movements. The good thing is that due to its arching nature, it proves to be healthier on our joints, and versatile to any degree of movement.

What are Landmine Complexes?

Similar to if you have done Barbell Complexes before, the basis of a complex is performing a multitude of exercises in a continuous fashion. It should look and feel smooth for the most part, as you are transitioning from movement to movement in a fluid pattern. Each complex will hold a variety of movements to tackle the entire body in a 4-5 movement selection. There are a few things going on here, which we aim to improve:

  • Stability in both single leg and arm capacities
  • Strength in different planes of motion (transverse, frontal, sagittal)
  • Explosive power through lower rep & weight ranges
  • Aerobic Capacity through an allotted 20 minute timecap
  • The Glycolytic system through the stringing of multiple movements to extend the rounds

Tuesday workouts will incorporate a Pyramid Style set/rep scheme, starting from lower reps, to higher, back to lower. The goal here is to improve movement proficiency as the rounds progress, whereas the first couple rounds of lower rep ranges will act to potentiate the nervous system, improving our ability to move under load for those higher rep ranges, before dropping back down. Thursday workouts will incorporate a wave loading scheme. Starting with a range of 5 reps, jumping up to 10, and then back down to 5.

Your modes of progression may look like this:

  • Improvements in movement proficiency
  • Improvements in weight
  • Improvements in work performed in allotted time

Other modalities such as speed or velocity can be forms of progression, but will be harder to track since there are no concrete metrics to go off of.

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