With summer quickly approaching and Turf Wars a few weeks away, we’re shifting gears with our strength training. We’re shifting into an accumulation block focused on volume, body composition ad work capacity. We’re simplifying the programming for strength and drill the fundamentals utilizing Gironda’s 8×8. You’ll learn to appreciate how proper strength training can have different effects on your body depending how you adjust your set and rep ranges.


Gironda’s 8×8 Method
The late Vince Gironda, considered by many to be the first bodybuilding coach – and definitely the most eccentric – referred to 8×8 as the “honest” workout. He opened his gym in Hollywood in 1948 and came to fame due to his ability to create impressive bodies. A-list actors, fashion models, competitive bodybuilders all flocked to his gym during the 1950s-1970s to train under his guidance. He was known as being a madman, had a reputation of being a dictator but he was a body sculpting genius (Sounds like Gerrick).An intense high-volume training system designed strictly for cosmetic improvements, its “honesty” stems from the humbling weight used during the actual workout. Vince prescribed 8×8 primarily for pre-contest situations, and its brutal effectiveness is surprising considering its elegant simplicity. Simplicity leads to less injury and more technical mastery.

How to perform Gironda’s 8×8 Workout
Similar to 10×10 or German Volume Training, you begin with 60% 1RM in a given lift (compound movements preferred), and perform 8×8 with 15-30 seconds of rest. This method can be applied for up to four different movements per workout. Anything more than that would completely shock your body.

If you remember German Volume Training and how you felt completing those workouts, the 8×8 may give you some PTSD and traumatize you even more because it’s fast with no time for breaks. This strength block is all about training volume. You’ll be performing traditional strength training compound movements with controlled tempos but the training intensity will feel like you’re running a marathon due to the short rest intervals. You’ll be lifting weights and your Myzones will look like you’re running sprints which do wonders for metabolic training and fat loss aka shredzzz.

Benefits of Gironda’s 8×8 Workout
1. Build Muscle Hella Fast
8×8 routines are unparalleled in terms of muscle building potential. German Volume Training 10×10 is a close contender. The 8×8 workout is intense and the large volume completed in a short time elicit muscle growth (hypertrophy). This puts tremendous stress on your muscles and forces them to adapt and grow.

2. Burn Fat and Get Shredded AF
8×8 has thermogenic effects, you moving constantly for 45 consecutive minutes of hard work. You’re banging out 64 reps of a given exercise at a really fast pace. Your heart rate will be jacked up. Sweat will drip from your skin. Your lungs will burn, but keep your mask on cause COVID is still a thing. Just know that even though you’re doing a strength workout, it has conditioning effects. The rapid fire reps burn fat and develop your muscular endurance/work capacity. Your cardiovascular and respiratory systems will get stronger and more efficient. Your athletic performance will improve which will help for Turf Wars.

3. Build Muscle Definition and Density
Muscle definition is created by having low body fat and dense muscles. Muscle density is built by keeping muscles under tension. The slow, controlled movements in 8×8 keep muscles under constant tension (2/0/2/0).  There are multiple ways to progress leveraging intensities, volume or density; with the 8×8 we’ll be manipulating all of the above.


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