We offer safe, consistent strength training instructed by personal trainers.

Nope. CrossFit is a trademarked workout methodology/style and we’re not affiliated in any way. If you’re looking for CrossFit gym specifically you can find a number of them around our area with a quick online search.

We don’t currently offer open gym, and all clients have one of our membership plans.

Everyone begins with a quick assessment, where we screen your movement and ask a few questions to get a sense of what you’re looking for and what your history of movement/exercise may be. To schedule an assessment, reach out here.

Check out our class schedule here. We offer classes from early morning through night. Personal training is by appointment-only.

See all our options here.

Yes! We proudly support MIL/LE/FF/FR, as well as our educators and healthcare providers. Many of our members and friends are involved in healthcare in different ways. Just show us proof of participation and we’ll set you up.

We don’t offer free trials any more. The best way to get started is with our 7-day trial.

Drop-ins are available though meant for visitors.

It’s most likely a late cancel or no-show charge. If you’re unsure when it might be for, just ask and we’ll confirm for you.

Yes, some of our clients live further and have a membership that’s solely for access to our programming. This is delivered to your phone monthly. If you’d like a custom training plan, contact us here and we can discuss what you’re looking for.

Sorry, we do not match any pricing. We do offer a variety of ongoing promotions for specific occupations.

Yes! We’re very active on Instagram @kingstrengthperformance and you’re welcome to drop by sometime to say hello. If you’d like to make sure someone’s around to speak with, 

No. All you need is an interest in developing strength safely and to bring an open mind.

Because each month’s program has a specific aim in mind, and so rest periods are meant to be strictly followed in order to elicit ideal results. Depending on the month, rest breaks may be shorter or longer but they are not randomly chosen.

FRC stands for Functional Range Conditioning and is part of a system developed by physical therapist Dr. Andreo Spina which is meant to develop joint strength, body control, and usable flexibility. We find that the main ideas from FRC pair excellently with our training to bring lifelong fitness to our clients. If you’re curious, you can learn more about it on their website here, by searching online, and/or by watching Youtube like Dr. Spina’s page.

Absolutely, though first run it by your physician as with any new routine that may be a change. We’re certified in pre/postnatal training and would love to chat about what you’re looking for.

8 Eastman Street, Suite 3 in Cranford, NJ. We are located in the heart of Downtown Cranford. Our entrance can be found through Municipal Parking Lot #7 on 106 Miln Street.

We have cubbies where you can safely store your belongings!

We have a filtered water dispenser that you may refill your reusable water bottles with. We also have Poland Spring water bottles for sale.

We do not make protein shakes at our facility; however, we carry top of the line supplements from Apollon Nutrition that are available for purchase.

We offer state of the art equipment. Our workouts incorporate free weights, kettlebells, sandbags, sleds, battle ropes and TRX!


That’s perfectly fine! Our classes are scaled to fit any level of fitness.

Every exercise will allow for a multitude of regressions or progressions, allowing you to start at any level of fitness. If you are still not comfortable, we also offer personal training and small group training options for more attention.

Of course! Just allow appropriate time for them to fill out our safety waiver before class begins.

No, we don’t offer babysitting but we allow puppy sitting!

Yes, we also offer personal training and small group training options.


We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to your session for check-in.

Say hello. From there you can stash any belongings you have in our cubbies, use the bathroom, or head into the gym area to begin any pre-workout routines or wait for class to begin.

We’ll do our best to get you into the class but unfortunately cannot allow anyone to enter more than 10 minutes after class begins due to safety reasons.

Yes – Note, if you cancel frequently, we will call you and discuss ways to keep you accountable.


Anything you feel comfortable moving around in!

We recommend wearing any type of cross-training shoes. We are a fan of Nike Metcons.


We do not have showers on location but we do have a large bathroom / changing room.


Beginning November, 2020, the following policies will be in place.

Attendance Policies

$20.00 fee for Late Cancellations within 3 hours of class time.
$20.00 fee for No Show’s

Please note: If you are are wait-listed for a group class we assume you will attend if you get in, otherwise you will be charged per above. Make sure you check up to 45 minutes prior to class start time to see if you have a spot. If you anticipate not making it to class and are wait-listed please make sure you remove yourself from the wait-list to allow the next person to be notified should a spot open.

Helpful Hint: If you wait-listed for an early morning class we recommend checking to see if you got in before you go to bed around 9PM.

In accordance to regulations set by the State of New Jersey, we are abiding the maximum number of participants in an indoor gathering of 10 participants. Group Sessions will be capped at 8 people to allow the best experience for you and our coaches. If you are not signed up prior to the session and walk in you will not be permitted to take the class.

If no one is pre-registered for a particular group class time 1 hour prior to session start time, the  designed instructor will not show up to instruct unless otherwise specified to. This policy is to reinforce the usage of the MindBody app. If you have any issues pre-registering please email us at and we’ll get it straightened out.

This also applies for Private and Semi-Private Personal Training. The policy remains a use it or lose it policy up 1 hour prior to session start time.

Cancellation policies – If you commit to a contract agreement, and request to cancel before the term is completed, we will charge 70% of the remaining contracted total. You must submit your cancellation request 2 weeks prior to your next scheduled billing cycle date. To break a contract, you must (1) move a minimum of 15 miles away from King Strength and Performance, (2) Medical emergency with doctor’s note.

Suspension policies – We allow (1) suspension per year up to 3 Months in duration (90 days). To request a suspension, you must submit your suspension request 2 weeks prior to your next scheduled billing cycle date.

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