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King Strength and Performance was founded as a place for positive change. With the right combination of structure, coaching, and collective energy, we create an environment that allows you to break down mental and physical barriers in order to deliver maximum results.


Our mission is to make consistent fitness easy through quality strength training combined with great community. Our focus on strength training goes against the grain and departs from the crowded HIIT-focused trend that is the current state of the fitness industry.


It’s a comprehensive program that starts where you are on day-1 and progresses with you at your pace in the direction of your goals accounting for any and every individual milestone you achieve along the way. Semi-Private Training is not a workout of the day that everyone does together – that’s a group exercise class.
Our core values

  1. The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership - Communication is an art. With great communication leaders have the influence to change how someone thinks, can improve performance, create meaningful relationships, and overcome dire situations.
  2. It’s Okay to Fail but Fail Forward - To fail forward means that you have chosen to respect each failure for the lessons it teaches you, and to apply those lessons to future efforts, even if those efforts may also fail. Each failure brings you closer to ultimate success when you’re failing forward.
  3. Progress Over Perfection - Progress is more important than perfection in the sense that you aim to get things done, with acceptable quality, instead of targeting an ideal outcome that might not necessarily happen. Progress leans more on the realistic and practical side of things, working towards achievable goals without sacrificing time.
  4. Consistency is KING - “Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” Success is usually not instant, it is a journey. One step at a time. So choose a routine or habits that you can maintain, and then build on it.

Our Programming

King Strength & Performance classes deliver effective results. Our classes incorporate all the necessities needed for an effective training program: mobility, strength training, conditioning and regeneration. The results: greater relative strength and work capacity (endurance), and improved body composition.

Each class is 60-minutes long and will include movement prep, mobility, corrective exercises, strength and conditioning, cool downs, stretching and a team-based atmosphere. For a complete training package.


Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achieve your fitness goals
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