2024 Strength Block # 4 – The 3/7 Method

Yay GVT is over!!
Now it is time to enter our 2nd strength intensification block, The 3/7 Method. It combines relatively heavy weight or mechanical stress with very short rest periods causing increased metabolic stress.

This program is designed to maximize gains in muscular strength while focusing on progressively increasing the intensity of the exercises performed. This will involve lifting heavier weights, reducing rest intervals between sets, or incorporating advanced training techniques. The goal is to create a challenging stimulus that pushes the muscles to adapt and grow stronger.

Strength intensification blocks are strategically implemented to break through plateaus, enhance neuromuscular efficiency, and promote hypertrophy, ultimately leading to improved overall strength levels. The precise details of a strength intensification block can vary depending on the specific program or training philosophy being followed.

What is The 3/7 Method?

The 3/7 method is a high-volume, metabolically driven training protocol that has been shown to increase both strength and muscle mass.

You are going to choose a weight representing about ~72% of your 1RM for the exercise selections. That usually equates to a weight you can do around 12 reps with.

Do 3 reps. Rest 15 seconds.
Do 4 reps. Rest 15 seconds.
Do 5 reps. Rest 15 seconds.
Do 6 reps. Rest 15 seconds.
Do 7 reps. Rest 150 seconds (two and a half minutes).

Repeat all the steps for a total of 3 times.

Why use 3/7 Method?

In study conducted by Stragier et al., study investigated the efficacy of a The 3/7 Method and traditional 8×6 training method on strength gain, hypertrophy, and neuromuscular fatigability

The 3/7 method consisting of five sets of an increasing number of repetitions (3 to 7) during successive sets and brief inter-set intervals (15 s) was repeated two times after 150 s of recovery and compared to a method consisting of eight sets of six repetitions with an inter-set interval of 150 s known as the 8 × 6 method.

At the conclusion of the study, they found The 3/7 method provides a better stimulus for strength gain and muscle hypertrophy than the 8 × 6 method.

The idea behind the 3/7 Method is to build muscle strength and hypertrophy in less time compared to more traditional strength training programs.

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